Reviews for Leadership The Universal Skill

Leadership is essential work. At this time, the labor force is being built on shifting sands. I can’t think of a timelier book than Leadership The Universal Skill.” This book isn’t about soft skills; it’s about bottom-line skills . . .

This is the kind of book that has widespread appeal and is suitable for every industry and generation."

Kitty Brandal, Ph.D. President, Corporate Compass Training, LLC

“Any student of leadership, or fan of Peters, Blanchard, Sharma, or Goldsmith, will understand the importance of nurturing future leaders from an early age. In Leadership The Universal Skill, Nathan Jarosz not only demonstrates his understanding of that importance, but he also provides a road map for making it happen. He asserts that leadership is universal. However, as common sense is just not common enough, neither is skilled, ethical leadership. Throughout his book, Jarosz provides the reader with ‘take aways’ (what you learned) and ‘reflections’ (how you can use what you have learned), weaving personal experience with the wisdom of experts. Finally, he encourages the reader to engage in self-evaluation emphasizing that knowledgeable and effective leadership needs an ethical grounding if its goal is positive change. This is an excellent primer for all adults engaged in the rearing and mentoring of our youth!”

Rosanne L. Winter, Ph.D., President League of Women Voters, Akron Area

“If you want to lead yourself and others well, I recommend that you read Nathan Jarosz’s Leadership The Universal Skill. Nathan clearly defines leadership and discusses how everyone can learn and benefit from leadership skills. Drawing on sources such as the Bible, Plato, and modern leadership writers as well as his own experiences teaching leadership to middle and high school students, Nathan emphasizes the importance of leadership and gives us tools to teach ourselves and others this essential skill. I look forward to implementing Nathan’s leadership principles and practices in my personal and professional life.”

Matthew P. Akers Ph.D., Special Assistant to the President for Government Relations Associate Director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, The University of Akron

“With a rare combination of academic study, practical experience, innate talent, and a passion to share what he has learned with others, Nathan Jarosz has written a book that can easily become a ‘field manual’ for anyone wishing to learn and improve their leadership skills. Nathan’s enthusiasm for the subject of leadership is an inspiration to many of us who have been students of this subject. Having read countless books on leadership and self-development in my 30+ years of teaching and training, I know Nathan’s book will become a ‘go to’ book that I will use repeatedly and will share often."

Armando A. Aguirre, Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Developer of the Interamerican Leadership Training (ILT), First Vice-Chair, Interamerican Scout Committee, World Organization of the Scout Movement

“Nathan Jarosz has gone to great lengths to significantly research the true essence of the total evolution of how ‘Good Leadership’ really is developed! He also explains how it starts out early in life with specific and significant mentors and then is further developed by other influences that need to be recognized, understood, and respected. Finally, Nathan reveals leadership is a ‘choice’ and one must want to pursue that growth – which many of us may not have realized in our own evolution of personal and/or professional leadership! This book provided several aspects of leadership that I did not fully appreciate or have knowledge of and now will enable me to take my leadership skills to the next level!”

Timothy A. Dimoff, CEO/President/Founder SACS Consulting, Inc., Author of The You in Business


“Effective leadership can be learned and never goes out of style. Anyone looking to step up and take the lead in any situation or organization can gain confidence in their leadership skills by reading this book. I also had the opportunity to see Nathan Jarosz teach high school students these leadership skills. These students build a solid foundation to become future leaders.”

Brian Dawson, Freshman Seminar Teacher, East CLC, Akron Public Schools

“Timeless wisdom. Jarosz defines in detail, the simple, yet profound formulas that will maximize potential for leaders. This should be required reading for anyone overseeing an organization regardless of size.”

Annette Palmer, DTM, Author, Speaker,  Teacher of Toastmasters Youth Leadership

“One of the many things I found helpful is the author drills down to the nuts and bolts of how leadership impacts all walks of life. He shares not only the ‘how’ but also gives you the ‘why.’” It’s vital to the success in every industry as well as in your personal life. Jarosz clearly understands the power of strong leadership, and that it is a skill to be worked at just like any other skill. It opened my eyes to how being a strong leader in my business creates trust and accountability with both my employees and my customers – something you don’t see much of in this day and age. If you only read one book on leadership or management, Leadership The Universal Skill is the book!”

Terry Begue, Author of Attract & Keep Customers for Life

“I have had the privilege of having Nathan Jarosz in many of my classes over the past 5 years. His positive and interactive style of leadership teaching has had a major impact on many of my students and helped them to realize their own powerful, leadership qualities. Leadership The Universal Skill is an excellent representation of Nathan's exemplary teaching qualities and will make an excellent tool to assist educators in teaching leadership skills.”


Therese Chadbourne, Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Firestone CLC, Akron Public Schools