With relatives and friends who have served from WWII to present day, Nathan Jarosz has the utmost respect for our nation's military members. We owe so much to those who sacrifice to protect the United States and democracy across the globe. Even though our military members come through for us, unfortunately, we do not always come through for them.

According to a USA Today article in November of 2023, more than half of veterans who have lived through a traumatic experience in the military feel inadequately prepared to return to civilian life, 61% had trouble paying bills in the first few years after they left the military, 42% had trouble getting medical care for themselves or their families when they got out of the military, and 4 in 10 reported challenges with alcohol or drug misuse.

We must do better, and we will do better for our service members. Nathan will work to address veterans experiencing homelessness, lacking proper healthcare treatment, failing to receive mental health support, or needing employment.