Education is the core tool to bring about empowerment to our community. Nathan Jarosz believes in securing funding and investing in public schools so that every student has the equal opportunity to develop the skills necessary to get into meaningful employment.

In the 21st century, the challenges of today are different, and our education system must follow suit. As a nonprofit leader who works directly with teachers and students in classrooms, Nathan supports experiential learning, leadership & reasoning, social-emotional learning, diversity & inclusion, and financial & life skills.

From the water we drink to the air we breathe, our environment affects all of us. As an Eagle Scout, Nathan Jarosz grew up to be conservation-minded. He appreciates nature and the world we live in.

Our community is home to beautiful metro parks that are well-managed and maintained. Due to pollution in our air and water as well as the excessive greenhouse gas emissions pumping into our atmosphere, Nathan will advocate to protect our environment. These investments will create high-paying jobs that will keep workers in the state and attract workers to Ohio.

Although unemployment rates are low at 3.4%, we must invest in vocational training to provide Ohioans with resources to help them acquire higher paying jobs that lead to a better work-life balance. Many people still work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

Nathan Jarosz will advocate for investments and promotion in technical & vocational training to provide the necessary skills for jobs such as computer science, truck driving, welding, construction, and other trade work. This will help provide Ohioans to receive both the training and the benefits of working in a high in-demand industry.

Every person should have the fundamental right to regulate one's reproductive health choices. These decisions should be made by the individual and a caring healthcare practitioner. With the passing of Ohio Issue 1 in November 2023, Ohioans made their voice loud and clear where we stand on reproductive rights. Nathan Jarosz supports the voters of Ohio in this landmark decision.

With the Summit County Progressive Democrats, Nathan acquired signatures to secure Issue 1 on the ballot and attended various rallies and events. He and his team raised funds for awareness that led to a mass mailer and billboard campaign supporting the Reproductive Rights Amendment. Nathan will continue to support reproductive freedom.

We need to restore city/municipal investments to support our fire, EMS, and police services on the local level. Well over a decade ago, Republican Governor John Kasich cut the funding to local governments to inflate a state budget surplus. City budgets support public safety such as police, fire, and EMS; thus, under Governor Kasich and continued under Republican Governor Mike DeWine, our Republican led state government has made us less safe.

Nathan Jarosz will advocate to restore the funding taken away from our cities to help our communities produce a safer and more accountable community.

Nathan Jarosz believes in the 2nd Amendment as it is written and believes in the rights of the people to responsibly own firearms. The 2nd Amendment states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

What we have here in Ohio is anything but "well-regulated." The Republican led state legislature in Ohio has made our state the Wild Wild Midwest. According to the CDC regarding firearm mortality rates by state, Ohio ranks in the top 24 highest death rates. More compelling, out of the top 25 states with the highest firearm mortality rates, 21 are led by Republican controlled legislatures who frequently have the weakest gun control laws in the nation. We must not continue down this dangerous path.

Numerous polls from various sources indicate that the majority of Americans support expanded background checks. Specifically, The Hill with 88% support, MPR News with 86% support, Morning Consul Pro with 84% support, Everytown Research & Policy with 93% support. These background checks are designed to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners and the public. Reasonable gun regulation results in making the lives of our community and our law enforcement significantly safer.